We have a shiny new website.

The team suggested I write a blog about it. Having mulled over it for a few days, I’ve concluded writing about websites is a tough call.

I considered the obvious: how websites have evolved over the last 20 years; my favourite websites; what makes a good website…but they all felt overdone.

So I’m going to cheat and not talk about websites at all.

Pace is now 2 ½ years old and this will be the third iteration of our website, reflecting how we’ve evolved as an agency.

On day one, back in September 2015, there were three of us. There are now 16 and we’re about to appoint our 17th team member. That’s some achievement and one of which I’m very proud.

And we’ve just been shortlisted for a Prolific North Award in the best small integrated agency category. Whatever happens at the Awards ceremony later this month, it will be a night of celebration for the Pace team.

It’s been a hell of a journey and there have been many ups and downs along the way. I’ve learned an incredible amount and continue to do so on a daily basis – not just on the work-front but also about me as a person.

So to continue a past blog theme of ‘lessons learned’, here’s a few additions to my previous list:

1. The music choice in the office reminds me how old I am every day

2. Hearing we’ve been recommended is the best feeling

3. The power is no longer with the communicator and very much with those we communicate with

4. Knocking down walls is only ever a temporary solution – we’re going to have to invest in a new office

5. Bringing Tilly (my dog) into the office every day makes everyone happy

6. Adrenaline is an invaluable fuel (when sleep’s in short supply)

7. It’s okay to walk away from clients when we feel we can’t help them

8. Managing by trends is smarter than managing by numbers

9. I need to have the confidence to trust my gut instinct more

10. The team still amazes me every day

So the journey continues. A big thank you to our clients and of course, the Pace team, without whom our company, and this incredible experience, would not be possible.

I hope you like the new website.

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