The time of year where everyone starts digging out their fangs and fake blood is upon us, and lots of brands have been rolling out their spookily good campaigns for Halloween 2018.

In 2017, the UK Halloween market grew by 35%, with retail sales hitting a scary £320million – and the predictions for 2018 are only set to grow as big brands revel in the opportunity to deliver some really interesting work.

Here’s our breakdown of some of the best and worst marketing campaigns that have been seen throughout the month of October.

The Tricks



Giffgaff’s Halloween ad hit headlines this year, but for all the wrong reasons. Accused of traumatising and offending vulnerable people, the ad has not been allowed to run in TV and cinemas, and Giffgaff has since removed it from its site and social media.

The 4-minute clip features a young girl, removed from her monster family and forced to live with humans, who go on to alienate her before her eventual escape.

After seeing numerous complaints online, John Cutler, a member of the UK Adoptive Parent Support Group, warned the ad could “retraumatise society’s most vulnerable people”.

Giffgaff has owned up to the mistake and since apologised for the ad, “It was never our intention to cause any offence to the adoption community […] we believe in listening to people, so have taken the decision to stop running this ad.”

giffgaff monster family ad

The Morrisons RIPizza

While we haven’t seen any ads on the TV from Morrisons this year, they have released a rather questionable looking pizza.

The cleverly-named ‘RIPizza’ is created with a 10” green base, and topped with, allegedly, some of the hottest chillies in the world, including the Carolina Reaper and ghost chillies.

Simon Metcalfe, Pizza buyer (what a job) at Morrisons said the pizza is “one of the hottest and spookiest we’ve ever made”. While that may be true, we’re not sure whether this is what we’d want to tuck into on a Friday night. To us, it seems like more of a (PR) trick than a treat.

Would you trade in your usual takeaway for this spooky seasonal edition?

morrisons scary pizza

The Treats


Fanta’s Twisted Carnival

Coca-Cola is notorious for its Christmas adverts, and now Fanta is claiming Halloween for its own.

Earlier this month the drinks company teamed up with Merlin Entertainment to launch ‘A fantastical fantasia of fear; Fanta’s Twisted Carnival is a travelling Halloween show of thrills and chills.’

The carnival was launched through a publicity stunt on October 4th, with a ghoulish old lady sitting on a rocking chair and roaming several tube stations across London, giving early morning commuters quite the fright.

Since then, Fanta has announced tour dates all over the UK, where keen Halloween-ers can go and experience an evening that will leave them ‘fizzing with fright!’

And if you can’t make it, Fanta has gone digital, too. Unlock an exclusive Snapchat filter by visiting their site and create some creepy snaps with your friends.

trick or treat fanta twisted carnival blog

Marmite Trick or Treat

Playing on its well-known catch phrase ‘you either love it, or you hate it’, Marmite has come up with a clever Trick or Treat campaign revolving around packaging.

The brand has released two limited edition Halloween jars, Marmite Trick ‘A poison for the haters’ and Marmite Treat ‘A potion for the lovers’, both of which can also be personalised on their website.

These spooktacular collectable jars are only available until the end of Halloween, really amping up their exclusivity. They’re already being sold on 3rd party sites like Ebay for triple the price (£15)!

Witch please! Trick or treat yo’ self!

marmite trick or treat example

We hope you enjoyed this year’s Halloween marketing campaigns as much as we did. Stick around to keep up to date with the latest, all that Christmas content is just around the corner.

Happy Haunting!

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