At Pace, creativity is at the heart of everything we do.

Our four service categories all connect to it – from the obvious artistry seen in our beautiful brand and creative work to the strategic insight and analytics that gives us the maths to come up with the magic.

Creativity also runs through our marketing and comms and digital propositions, from ideas to win press coverage for our clients to developing stand-out messages to help businesses find an online audience.

So, we’re very proud to have been nominated for an award which celebrates pure, unadulterated creativity – with no limits

The Chip Shop Awards are totally unique. Open to everyone, the awards are organised by The Drum, the biggest marketing website in Europe.

There are no rules and entries can include a campaign idea for a product that doesn’t yet exist, or even an improvement to an existing advert.

As for why they are called the Chip Shop Awards, that’s down to the creative brain of Andy Cheetham, a marketing man who received a clutch of advertising accolades for the work he did to promote his mum’s chippy in Wales back in the 90s.

This inspired The Drum to launch Chip Shop; to allow anyone to compete on an international scale and get their work in front of its esteemed judging panel.

And we’re really pleased to say that this gorgeous animation which we produced for community growers, Frith Farm, has been nominated in the best video category.

It was based on Aldi’s Christmas advert, which featured an evil parsnip.

Our (totally not evil) genius animator SteJay created a story loosely based on A Christmas Carol to show not all parsnips are evil and encourage people to eat more veg during their festive celebrations!

You can read more about the project here, including how the video gained entry into the World Carrot Museum.

We find out who wins at a ceremony in London in June, so keep an eye on our social channels for updates on the big night.

The awards also offered a brilliant opportunity to flex our creative muscle ? and work as a team on a project outside of our day-to-day work.

We kicked off with an ideas session in The Helm – our space in the office where we can meet, share thoughts and open discussions.

Here are some of the pieces of work we produced as a result – they didn’t get a nomination, but we had loads of fun working on them and we think they look pretty cool.

Chip Shop Awards Gordon's Gin poster
Chip shop Awards Theresa May poster

So if you’re reading this, Gordon’s or M&S, and like what you see, get in touch. We’re waiting for your call ?

Not from Gordon’s or M&S? Like what you see? Get in touch too!

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