Hey, I’m Chloe!

I’m a student at Wilberforce College and I’ve been at Pace every Wednesday for the past eight weeks to get some work experience in marketing.

In my spare time, I love going to the gym, drawing, spending time with my family and most importantly… watching TV.

Throughout school and college, there are loads of careers that I’ve wanted to do, but then I found an interest in marketing, and my time at Pace has confirmed to me that it’s definitely something I want to pursue!

Why did you choose Pace?

I have a huge interest in marketing (in particular, working in an agency), so Pace was the ideal place for me. I discovered my placement opportunity through college and when I was given the chance to work at Pace, I immediately took it!

After reading through the website, looking at previous people’s work experience blog posts, and browsing the Pace social media profiles, I immediately knew that Pace was the right place for me!

In the office, everything is so chilled, and everyone was so welcoming when I started, which eased my nerves and made me feel so much better.

What have you got up to in the office?

I’ve mostly been working alongside Senior Account Executive Beckie, helping her out with organising the HEYPIB Awards. I completed research on the awards, as well as some competitor analysis.

I also worked with Content Executive Liv, creating a content plan and writing social media captions for blog posts.

If you didn’t see it, I also took over Pace’s Instagram stories for a day, where I got the chance to introduce myself and talk about some of the tasks I completed throughout my day at Pace – it was really fun!

I’ve learnt so much from my time at Pace, including what a content plan is, how to complete one, how to conduct competitor analysis and why it’s important, as well how to use Instagram stories effectively for business.

I also learned all about the different roles in a marketing team, and what I need to do to get a career within marketing. When I started my placement, I didn’t know much about working in a marketing agency, but after eight weeks at Pace, I’m definitely not disappointed!

Did you enjoy it?

I enjoyed my time at Pace so much! The chilled office environment, listening to music, getting on with work; it was so nice to be alongside amazing and kind people and, of course, the really cute dog Tilly…

I would love to return and gain even more experience and develop skills required in different areas of the agency.

Anyone interested in marketing or pursuing a career in marketing should definitely visit Pace for experience!

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