It’s that time of year again, where Christmas adverts take over our television screens and dominates our social media platforms. If you’re like me, this is the one time of the year you can tolerate your programme of choice being cut out at the most inopportune time. I won’t even get up to make a brew…well, not every time at least. Let’s not push it.

Thanks to John Lewis, who seem to be responsible for setting the bar for Christmas adverts in recent years, we now find ourselves in the middle of an extremely competitive marketing frenzy that’s dominated by supermarkets or department stores. It may sound like I’m complaining about it, but I’m not – I think it’s great!

So, without further ado, here’s my ranking of some of the most popular Christmas adverts of 2017.

6. Sainsburys – Every Bit of Christmas

I’ve gotta say I was pretty disappointed with this festive flop (sorry Sainsbury’s). The whole thing just seems confused, and it all happens so fast! The mashup of black and white karaoke with the occasional shot of Christmas party food floating across the screen just doesn’t work for me.

The advert did have some good parts however, like the addition of Ricky Tomlinson, and the child rapping while dressed as a sheep (0.38 seconds in if you’re interested).

I should admit, I do think my judgment is slightly clouded as I can’t help but compare it to Sainsbury’s 2014 Christmas advert masterpiece, inspired by the 1914 football match that took place between England and Germany in no man’s land.

After all, someone had to come last, and the competition is tough! Maybe next year Sainsbury’s.

5. Aldi – Kevin the carrot

Kevin the carrot is back this Christmas for more table top adventures, but this time instead of searching for Santa, he’s looking for love. I have to say I was really rooting for Kevin at the start of the advert, but after stewing things over, it just feels too similar to last year’s advert.

Yeah, the food looks great and I like the fact that the table setting is like a giant obstacle course to Kevin. I’m just not sure it was necessary to mutilate the poor gingerbread man, although it did set up an amusing crumbs pun.

All in all, I’m happy for this carrot Casanova, and I think he’s probably too busy running from grater-wielding humans to worry about his placing in the list.

4. John Lewis – Moz The Monster

Don’t get me wrong, this advert is great, and the saleability of the Moz toys that will crowd John Lewis shops will be huge. There’s no doubt that John Lewis will have benefited from this well thought-out campaign.

However, the advert itself is very much a similar theme to past Christmases. I understand from their point of view that it’s important to maintain a consistent brand strategy, but it would have been nice to see something a little different. Like that of the top three adverts in this ranking.

This advert gained mixed opinions by marketing professionals too. Some thought the ad hit the nail on the head. Others, such as the VP of marketing for Mars Chocolate UK believes ‘there’s scope to be braver and bolder’.

So, it’s a great ad, I just preferred the other options. Deal with it Moz.

3. Argos – Ready for Take off

So, we’ve finally made it to the top 3. Argos takes the bronze, and I think it’s well deserved.

I really like the modern take on Christmas in this advert – sleigh and reindeer? Nah, let’s make a rocket ship! It works too, helping to reinforce the message of Argos’ same day delivery “in as little as four hours”. Argos is the saviour of the last-minute Christmas shoppers!

Santa’s workshop looks great as well, and I like to think that’s what the mysterious behind the scenes Argos shops look like (minus the elves).

2. TK Maxx – A White Christmas

My first reaction to this advert was ‘surely not?!’ TK Maxx is promising to deliver REAL SNOW to people if you find an exclusive snow globe in one of their stores. I spent the first half scratching my head, as I pondered on how they will logistically follow through with this promise.

In terms of the actual advert however, I enjoyed the Dr. Seuss feel to the snow machine. I was half expecting The Cat in the Hat to jump out and get involved in the snow ball fight. Also, is that Bill Nighy narrating? Either way, well done TK Maxx.

1. M&S Christmas – Paddington & the Christmas Visitor

First off, it’s worth mentioning that I struggled with deciding on first place…in fact
the top three positions were all quite tricky to choose. After all, this isn’t just any
Christmas advert…

I think this advert really captures the Christmas spirit, and all packaged into one of the nation’s favourite bears, it’s a recipe for success. The naivety of Paddington in assuming that the burglar is Father Christmas is great, and his kind intentions even end up rubbing off onto the burglar. Well done Paddington for spreading some Christmas cheer and stopping a crime in the process, have some marmalade on me.

So that’s it from me! Tweet us to let us know which Christmas advert is your favourite. I hope this post helped to spread some Christmas cheer, and I’d like to wish you a Merry Christmas on behalf of the team here at Pace.

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