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Why invest in Internal Communications?

Effective internal communications is a fundamental part of displaying your commitment to making your place of work, a great place to work. Unfortunately, that can mean highlighting the areas that aren’t so great, but like in marriage, ignoring your problems won’t make them go away – and by neglecting your most important asset, there’s a good chance they could walk out.  

Even with the best of company cultures, you’ll find pockets of discontent. Whether you’re already aware of your issues or you can see their potential to arise with a big change coming up, our internal communications experts can guide you through the right tactics to help everyone in your business feel like their relationship is moving in the right direction. That could mean anything from a simple series of internal emails, to team-wide workshops, or even a re-thinking of your brand and business structure.  

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Service Specifics

  • Business & brand consultation
  • Change management
  • Employee engagement & contact strategy
  • Leadership & management training
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Key Stats

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88% of employees believe a distinct workplace culture is important to business success

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75% of employees would stay longer at an organisation where they felt they were listened to

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Improving employee engagement can increase productivity by up to 22%

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