Jo – PR & Content Manager 

So here we are…a time when comms has never been more important.

It’s a time of heightened emotion and any company messages that appear in the press, in marketing materials or on social media need to be delicately managed.

Perhaps you’re in a position to help other businesses or members of the public: a positive PR opportunity. Or perhaps your shop or restaurant has had to temporarily close and you need to support concerned staff and disappointed customers: some crisis comms management.

Whatever your situation, here are some suggestions to keep you somewhat sane during this period of social isolation.

Read all about it! Managing the press

If you’re contacted by the media asking for a statement on your company policies on COVID-19 it would be wise to be prepared. Anything you say to the press can be quoted. So having a statement ready is the easiest way to ensure that the right message is available. No chance of a Gordon Brown ‘that bigoted woman’ moment!

Pace’s press statement tips

  • Press statements need to be concise, factual and to the point
  • They need to be attributed to the MD/CEO/a director
  • Don’t be too negative – this turbulent time won’t last forever and businesses will bounce back. Look to the future and convey a message of hope for the future
  • Explain how clients/customers can best get in touch with you during this time

The press is interested in COVID-19, yes. But remember, they want to hear positive news stories too. Has someone in your team gone over and above to achieve a sought-after accreditation? Have you fulfilled a particularly challenging order or reached a significant sales target? Tell the press!

Make marketing manageable again!

Now is the time to prepare…

  • Catch up on the design work you’ve been putting off – events that require marketing materials will be rescheduled, so that design work will still need to be done!
  • Magazines and newspapers are still going to print and the news is still running online – can you use that advertising space differently?
  • Brush up on your marketing ‘how to’s’ – there are plenty of free, online training resources available that will help you make the most of your social isolation…
  • Website upgrades – perhaps you’ve been putting off making changes to your website. Now is the time to ‘get your ducks in a row’ (cliché business phrase bingo, anyone?) and sort your SEO, bolster your backlinks and brighten your branding

It’s ‘social isolation’ not ‘social media isolation’

We may be observing social isolation but that doesn’t mean you’re socially isolated. If anything, you now have a captive audience on social media. Now is the best time to be building your following on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, YouTube…

  • Utilise pinned posts – adapt your press statement and pin it to the top of your relevant social media channels so followers know where you are and how to get in touch with you
  • Sharable content – you may not be able to take any new photography or perhaps you aren’t holding any events, so now is the time to diversify! Can you start a working from home game for people to play along? Or perhaps create your own memes to put a smile on people’s faces? And why not write that blog you’ve been meaning to do for a while
  • Virtual networking – a lot of businesses are now utilising social media as a tool for virtual networking. Just because we’re not meeting face-to-face doesn’t mean we can’t generate new business leads…

Whatever your circumstances, we wish you well and if we can help with anything, please get in touch – we’re open as normal