It’s important to us that our creativity doesn’t stop at the office door. From interior design to photography and dance, here’s a little insight into how we keep our creative energy going when we’re not hard at work.

Shirin – Marketing Director

My creative passion outside the office is interior design. We finished a big kitchen/diner renovation just before Christmas, involving builders, carpenters, double-glazing firms and so on.

This meant I spent the best part of 2016 planning away for “the project” with various spreadsheets, Pinterest Boards and collections of samples. The fact I changed my mind one hundred times didn’t help matters, but, we (any married couple will know this means ‘I’) eventually settled on a Scandinavian-inspired design using clean lines and modern gloss units, complemented with raw materials like our huge handmade dining table made from simple reclaimed timber planks.

Décor wise I’m not an ‘everything-to-match’ type of gal, and prefer the idea of throwing different styles and colours into a room to create a real eclectic vibe. My favourite feature is the chalk-board wall for my son. Every day we have a new creation (scribble) on there. It’s important to me to have a home I’m proud of from a look and feel point of view, but also that’s practical and homely for our family.

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Abbi – Account Manager

One of my favourite pastimes and deepest joys in life is sitting in restaurants and cafes wherever I am in the world. I truly believe it’s one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the local culture. As well as culture-vulturing, I also get a lot of creative inspiration from these environments.

I find that all the different elements that make up a good eatery are markers for new trends: the design of the menu and logo, the dishes on offer, and most importantly the interior design of the place. Ten years ago, afternoon tea on Cath Kidston everything was the height of fashion, then burgers and freak shakes in American diner settings saw a revival. Today, if you’re not eating something that includes avocado off something that was definitely not meant to be a plate whilst sitting on something reclaimed, then keep your Instagrams to yourself thank you.

Men working at coffee shop

Tom – Content Executive

I got a camera over Christmas, so I’ve been spending time playing around with that and just trying to learn how to use it a bit better. I’ve always appreciated photography – particularly urban – but I’d never really tried my hand at it myself, so it’s a bit of a learning curve.

I hope to see a marked improvement in my Instagram output at the very least. Also, it might sound a bit cliché, particularly for a former English student, but you can’t beat just sitting in a good coffee shop or café and watching the world go by. Thieving Harry’s on Humber Street is a definite favourite.

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Sam – Designer

Well it’s no secret that I have plenty of other creative outlets. I’m always embarking on some bizarre hobby – whether it’s knitting hats or taking singing lessons, I suppose my creativity comes from my enjoyment of learning new things.

One of my favourite activities is pole dancing, the freedom within your movement to music is such a good outlet to get your thoughts flowing and release any creative blocks. I suppose it’s a kind of meditation within the flow of movement, and the ability to move freely without purpose or judgement is liberating.

It’s a physical creativity, and you must let down all your guards to use it. So, anyone looking to expand their creativity outside the office, I would recommend a dance class, you won’t regret it!

Dancer in black and white

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