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Why take a view on video?

We’re watching more video than ever before, and there are plenty of compelling reasons why. It tells a more engaging story than almost any other type of content, it does it far quicker, and it takes less effort to consume than almost any other type too. That’s great news if you’re a business trying to get your message out.

Whether you’re announcing a brand partnership that could help you reach new audiences, producing a series of mini help guides or launching your latest new product, video works at every stage of the buyer journey, and on every channel too. The stats say that consumers want to see videos from brands more than anything else, and our video specialists can help you give them what they want.

Service Specifics

    • Animation
    • 360 video
    • Brand stories
    • Product demos
    • Case studies
    • Digital advertising

Key Stats

78% of people watch online videos every week, and 55% view online videos every day.

Videos on landing pages can increase conversion rates by up to 80%

90% of consumers say that videos help them make purchasing decisions

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