Over the past couple of years, we’ve acquired a few clients in the eco-friendly sector. As with every client of ours, we’ve fully delved into the industry, and learned lots about being green!

Over time, while working hard writing social content, dreaming up PR ideas, creating design work and doing digital, we started thinking about how green our own habits are.

After everything we learned, we realised our habits at home are good, but we wanted to bring them into our workplace. This is when we decided to take The Pace pledge to becoming an eco-friendly agency. We want to create the best work (with the best results) we can for our green clients, and what better way to do it than start being more sustainable ourselves?

Here’s everything we’ve started doing, stopped doing, and the steps we plan to take to make sure our workplace is kinder to the planet.

Recycle, recycle, recycle

At Pace, we take recycling seriously. And for the stuff we don’t recycle? We try to re-use.

On top of our general waste bin (which we avoid using), we have two recycling bins that tend to fill up pretty quickly! We recently helped one of our clients create a plastic recycling guide, which is now stuck up in our office to make sure all rubbish that can be recycled – is.

Conscious printing

If it doesn’t need printing – don’t print it!

We don’t want to work in an office surrounded by piles of paper (this isn’t the 90s), so we avoid printing things where we can. When we do print things, it’s done in black and white, and we carefully monitor the number of prints to make sure we’re not going over our maximum allowance. In addition, we’re a paperless invoicing company. We only ever email our invoices to clients, and we request all bills are sent to us via email, too.

We’re currently looking into sustainably-sourced paper and ink to see if this could help us continue to make our printing habits better for the planet.

Clean green

One of our clients, Bio-D, is a creator of 100% hypoallergenic, vegan and environmentally friendly cleaning products. While we help the company out with all things marketing, Bio-D supplies us with hand wash, all-purpose kitchen cleaner and toilet cleaner that’s tough on germs, but doesn’t harm the planet.

Keeping electricity consumption down

Because we’re a company that does lots of its business online, we try to keep our electricity use everywhere else to a minimum.

We have motion-activated lights to make sure when we finish work for the day, our lights do too. Plus, everything that can be switched off at the end of the day – such as the printers, shredders and computer monitors – is.

Our office is on the third floor of Wykeland House which means we’re sometimes tempted to take the lift. However, everyone makes the effort up the 51 stairs and arrives at our front door a little out of breath, but having made much more efficient use of our ‘energy’!

In the future

Going forward, we’ve got lots of big plans in place to make sure our office is as environmentally-friendly as it can be!

♻️ Eco-bricks for the waste we can’t recycle
? One office-wide meat-free day each week
☕ Pace branded re-usable takeaway coffee cups and lunch bags
? Composting
? A herb garden

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