CATCH was formed in 1999, initially as the Humber Chemical Focus which aimed to support the £6bn chemical industry in the Humber region. The CATCH site, where we’re based today, was built in 2006 as a result of a requirement to satisfy a need for skilled people including apprentices.

Over time, the two organisations merged to form HCF CATCH. The logo for the newly formed HCF CATCH was disjointed and the online image of the company did not do justice to the facility or the capability of the organisation. The social media presence was almost non-existent, and the website, which had been produced internally, didn’t reflect what made the company different or special.

So, in 2017 Pace was engaged to improve the image of the company. Initially, they undertook a survey of key stakeholders and held meetings with the leadership team to understand the business plan, vision, and strategy. They really got under our skin to understand our business; the DNA of CATCH.

The result of the initial activity was a marketing and communications plan with key objectives and deadlines. Also, critically, was a recommendation for a rebranding of the company and the site. A number of exciting and innovative options were offered and eventually the new trading name, logo and brand was approved.

Pace then worked closely with us to ensure that the re-branding project was managed carefully and within timelines and budget. Finally, they produced a complete refresh of the website (check it out here) to provide CATCH with an online presence that was contemporary, simple, and that got key messages across.  Most importantly, we now have a brand that we can be proud of.

Completing the project hasn’t signalled the end of the relationship between Pace and CATCH. The collaborative approach that Pace took to the work and the high quality of the output has led to us engaging them on a retainer to become the marketing arm for CATCH. Moving forward that means they will own our Marketing and Communications Strategy, will manage our social media and PR presence, and will provide marketing collateral, advice and support for us.

Pace is a fantastic organisation, and it is an absolute pleasure working with them. Would I recommend Pace to anyone considering working with them? Absolutely!

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