Hey! I’m Jack, and I’ve been at Pace this past week experiencing what it’s like to be part of a marketing team. I’ve always been interested in graphic design and photography, mostly focusing on the marketing side of things, and I felt I needed to experience first-hand what it’s like to be in that kind of working environment.

I love spending time outdoors exploring new and interesting locations, taking unique photographs – you should totally check me out on Instagram!

I can be quite a shy and nervous person, but during my time at Pace I felt very welcome, whether that was because of the team (and the dog Tilly) I felt very much a part of the business!

What made you choose Pace?

I decided to apply for a work placement at Pace because of its reputation. Not only is it well known for partnering up with well-known businesses in and out of Hull, but also for having a friendly and welcoming team.

Finding out Pace works with a lot of eco-friendly businesses also influenced my decision to choose Pace as my work placement. I’m a keen advocate in how we as a nation need to clean up our act on waste management. The amount of plastic waste which is dumped into the sea is astonishing, and the only way to change people’s mindsets on green alternatives is big businesses leading the way. The fact that Pace works with a wide number of eco-friendly companies shows how deeply they care about the future.

I also found out that Pace has a large team with many different roles, this definitely inspired me into contacting Pace, because I felt I wanted to get a deeper knowledge of what actually goes on in a big marketing department.

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And what have you got up to?

I got up to quite a lot during my week at Pace! Not only did I learn new things about marketing, but lots of other skills which can be transferred into my future career. On my first day I was given a tour of the department, meeting each member and learning about what they do.

Throughout the week I was given the opportunity to sit down with each member of the team and get a detailed explanation into what they do. This was very interesting for me because it gave me the opportunity to ask questions and learn about important factors such as SEO, PPC and tone of voice.

I also created my own brand! I came up with the idea of creating a photography-based website which presented my work and showed other photographers top places to go. This allowed me to explore a range of different medias such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Did you enjoy the week?

Yes! I thoroughly enjoyed a week of being part of the Pace team.

I personally found the team to be very friendly and welcoming, always asking if I was okay and offering me cups of tea. The office environment is very warm and close knit. Also, they play really good music which is a bonus.

If someone were to ask me if they should take part in a work placement at Pace my answer would be… Yes! It’s such an amazing experience.

Oh yeah, my Instagram is @Jacknaullsphotography in case you wondered 😉

If you think you’d like to join the Pace team for a couple of weeks (or permanently), introduce yourself over email! You’ll find us on hello@pacecomms.co.uk or here.

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