Hey! I’m Joe, but you can call me Joey ?

I’m a student at Beverley Grammar school and last week, I spent some time in the Pace office for a work experience placement! Here’s what I got up to…


The first thing I noticed when I walked into the Pace office was the vibrant décor and the framed pictures on the walls saying things like ‘involved’ and ‘energetic’. The office really felt that way!

I started the day by speaking to Business Manager Hollie – she had put together all my work for the week. I was stunned by the work ethic in the office, there is so much trust in the employees! Everyone was so welcoming and friendly, all smiling and talking to one and other.

Then I began going through my CV with Hollie. She showed me where to improve, and gave me a template to work from. She helped me transform my old fashioned and boring CV into a document to allow future employers to see me as a person, not just a bunch of words on paper.

After lunch, I was given a task by Content Executive Liv. She asked me to come up with a quiz idea to do for one of Pace’s clients. She discussed the task with me clearly and enthusiastically, which made me excited to put forward ideas and discuss them with her!

One of my ideas was ‘What decor theme suits your personality?’. After that, I went ‘speed dating’ with the team! My first ‘date’ was with Hannah, who’s responsible for PR. She showed me what she does, and explained why she enjoyed her job; Hannah told me about how she started as a journalist but preferred PR over journalism. She talked me through how they plan their events by doing a to-do list to ensure everything is accounted for.


Hola and welcome to day 2!

Again, I walked into the office and couldn’t believe the atmosphere of Pace! There is such a positive vibe.

I spent the morning with Liv, and we looked at the quiz and what ideas we should move forward with. We chose the idea ‘Which celebrity’s office would suit you?’ It was an interesting look at what she did in her role. We looked at how she uses social media to contact clients and respond to any questions the public has. She’s extremely good at her job, being professional at all times. She showed me some awesome websites she uses to help her create posts for Pace’s social media platforms.

After my time with Liv, Hollie and I spent some more time on my CV. It was fun; it’s nice to speak to an experienced person who knows how to get an employer’s attention. We discussed my spelling, punctuation, and grammar, and how to reword sentences so they’re easier for the reader to understand. It has helped me a lot and I now feel more confident in my CV!

After lunch, it was time to meet Steve. He is very kind and has a serious passion for what he does. He sat down with me and explained the task he wanted me to do.  I had to create a new product/brand or design something for a brand I liked. I chose to make up a brand called ‘Staydrayted’, and did some creative thinking and settled on the idea of a water bottle design. I created loads of different patterns and designs, one of my favourite ones was a zodiac sign design.

We then discussed the plan for Wednesday, and Steve told me that I would be using the Adobe software to bring my designs to life.


It’s day three in the Pace office. This morning, I finished coming up with ideas for my water bottle brand, and designed them in my notes. It’s fun letting your imagination run wild, seeing what comes out of your head. I have some key ideas I’d like to go with, including zodiac signs, macaroons and cupcakes.

Joe's designs work experience

This afternoon I had my first attempt at using Adobe Photoshop… it was a fun yet challenging experience. I started off by watching loads of videos to learn the basics, which made me pretty excited to create my design. In the time I had, I was able to create two bottles. One was the zodiac sign design and the other was the macaroon design – I think I prefer the zodiac one. It was a fun activity, and allowed me to experience another one of the creative sides of marketing.


Welcome to day 4!

Today has been amazing, I designed for the majority of the day and finished with 8 water bottle designs! My series included zodiac, macaroons, roses, and avocado.

Doing work experience at Pace has opened my eyes about the different types of marketing, from public relations and social media to website building and brand development. It has been a brilliant experience, the people are kind, friendly, professional, and made me feel welcome. It’s such a memorable experience; I am so happy I was able to work here for a week.

A big thank you to everyone at Pace for an amazing experience.

If you’d like to join the Pace team for a week (or longer!), click here to visit our careers page.

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