Hi, my name is Joseph, and I’ve been with Pace Communications for the past two weeks as part of my work placement.

I am currently an international student at the University of Hull, where I am studying a Masters of Arts degree in Digital Media. Outside of studying, I’m interested in films and literature (mostly African literature) and how they intersect with the historical and the contemporary. I’m fascinated by European architecture, art, and Victorian cities, and I’m on a mission to prove that Batman is the worst superhero. He has no sense of humour!

What made you choose Pace?

I’m interested in how digital tools can be used to scale growth, so Pace was an ideal place for me to learn, explore and practise. I found it interesting how Pace use digital tools to provide communication solutions to a wide range of issues.

I think of Pace as being at the intersection of new and traditional media, while still fast-paced and forward-thinking. I applied to Pace mostly because of this, and also because their career page had a fun, attractive playfulness to it!

What did you get up to?

A lot, actually! On my first day, Shaun, the Digital Manager, took me around the office and introduced me to the rest of the team, explaining what the different departments are and what they do.

Shaun and the Pace team gave me a variety of tasks and opportunities that allowed me to explore loads of interests across their service areas – including PR, digital and design. I was particularly fascinated by the project management side and the synergy (incredible dynamism might be a better description!) between the different teams.

I also worked on a website audit, a sitemap, a wireframe and digital marketing strategy. I had the opportunity to sit in at meetings with the grown-ups, which was really enlightening.

Also, as an international student with a curious tongue, I tried new sweets and food – and the team was kind enough to indulge my ignorance of British foods!

Have you enjoyed your time with us?


Everyone was helpful, friendly and incredibly kind, and I never felt left out or lost in a new culture.

Shaun provided daily feedback on my activities which were particularly insightful and helpful. Also, our movie night was among the highlights of my experience here!


If you think you’d like to join the Pace team for a couple of weeks (or permanently), introduce yourself over email! You’ll find us on hello@pacecomms.co.uk or here.