If you live in Hull and you’re not aware that it’s the UK City of Culture for 2017, then you’ve clearly been asleep for the past four weeks.

As a creative team made up of locals, we’ve been watching all the events and coverage so far with excitement. For many organisations across the area however, serious preparations have been going on since about the same time a year ago, if not earlier.

The same goes for our clients at KCOM. As a fellow business born and bred in the city, KCOM were not only eager but insistent on being a part of the celebrations in support of the city and its community. In April 2016, they announced they were to become a Principle Partner of Hull 2017, so it was no surprise to us when we received a brief from KCOM to produce a video that celebrated the beginning of Hull’s year as the UK City of Culture. The video needed to showcase the best that the city has to offer and drive engagement through social media.

We wanted to strike a chord with our audience, make them feel proud of their city and on the back of the video spark up conversations with likeminded Hull folk who were brimming with enthusiasm for the beginning of Hull 2017.

James Fairbank - KCOM Social Media Executive

We knew this video needed to stand out. There was going to be so much competition for share of voice with both Hull 2017 and the general public sharing hundreds of photos and videos of the launch events In With a Bang and Made In Hull.

We were also very mindful that we needed to give our clients the right credit without being overtly “KCOM”.

So, we started with audio. Finding a music track that would work well from an editing point of view but that would also capture the excitement and energy of Hull was imperative.

At the same time, we produced a list of questions about Hull to ask KCOM employees – which in turn provided us with a selection of unprompted and organic soundbites to help tell a story.

The music and soundbites were then overlaid onto archive video and photography content supplied from KCOM. And as 85% of video on Facebook is viewed with the sound off, we highlighted key words to bring a written energy to the story even when the audio wasn’t there.

Check it out below if you haven’t seen it already.

So did we meet the brief? James reckons so…

“The video absolutely captured hearts and minds of the community. It’s been one of, if not the most successful video we’ve ever done. In just two weeks, we reached over a quarter of million people, hitting our monthly target within a couple of days of January. Reactions, comments and shares at the time of writing are at 8,000 and continue to grow. Post clicks are way over 28,000 but most importantly, our engagement rate was nearly three times more than our target percentage.

Our decision to work with Pace on this project because of their expertise in video production and their passion for Hull 2017 was clearly the right one and we look forward to working with them on more great content for 2017”.

If you’d like to find out how video can help bring your brand to life and put you in front of a wider audience, drop us an email at hello@pacecomms.co.uk.

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