Hello! My name is Beth, I’m wife to Ross and Mum to Thea, who is my little/not-so-little 3-and-a-half-year-old daughter. I’m Hull born and bred and after living in Liverpool, London and travelling the world, I am back where I started and settled with my family.

My career has taken me from Lambrini to Deloitte and most recently the bridal industry, and each step has given me a passion for looking after clients, working hard and making a positive difference.

You’ve been tasked with getting snacks for the whole office. What do you bring?

I would definitely bring cake, cake and more cake. I promise to introduce you to Dawn who makes the best cakes in Hull!

What do you do to de-stress? 

I go out with my friends, eat good food and drink good wine, and we often end up dancing on tables and getting home too late!

We also have a family dog, Luna, who we love taking on long walks in Little Switz. Sunday dinners are always good for the soul too!

What’s the most recent thing you listened to/watched/read?

I tend to spend a bit more time at Peppa Pig Live rather than Glastonbury these days, but I still manage a balance. Last weekend, I went to see Disney on Ice, which I think I enjoyed more than Thea did! And this weekend I went with my girlfriends to see Jess Glynne. Her voice is incredible!

Got any interesting facts? 

Thanks to my local pub quiz, I learned recently that in 2017 more people were killed from taking a selfie than by shark attacks! After consulting Google I can confirm it’s true – five were killed by sharks, while 37 were killed in selfie-related incidents.

For the students out there, Lambrini is not a wine – it’s a Perry made from fermented pears!

The number one thousand is the first number to contain the letter A. That’s a lot of numbers with no letter A in. Pointless fact!

What are you most looking forward to about starting at Pace?

I am excited to get to know the team and help out around the office, hopefully making everyone’s life a little easier. It’s a very busy office but a fun place to be.