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It’s that time of year again where I shine my little spotlight on Mental Health Awareness Week. Hosted by the Mental Health Foundation, this year they’re focusing on stress.

Stress is an all too common occurrence in life, whether at work or at home, and it’s also a key factor when it comes to mental health problems. I asked everyone in the office for tips on how they deal with stress with the hope that there’s something here that’ll help if you’re struggling at the moment:

1. Stress tends to manifest itself physically for me, so I always find that going to the gym or going for a run on my own helps clear things up.

2. For me music eliminates stress completely. Music is a unique link to our emotions, so it becomes a powerful stress management tool.

3. Accept that you can’t control everything. Relinquishing some of that control can be mentally quite freeing.

4. Training. Of any kind. Helps me re-focus and reset a negative mind. It also helps me sleep better which has a knock-on effect to how I handle stress through the day.

5. Taking time out of a busy work day is essential. You’ll find you actually feel calmer and energised by stepping away, rather than trying to work through.

6. Take the dog for a walk or do a quick 20-minute yoga session. Whatever your vibe is, just get those endorphins circulating!

7. A good podcast can be really relaxing – especially Adam Buxton’s. I have a lot of love for Buckles.

8. Doing something totally unconnected to the rest of your life like learning a language – something new to focus your mind on.

9. Having a conversation with a friend, colleague, partner or family about your day can help. After all, a problem shared is a problem halved!

10. A good book works for me – especially for travel stress on a plane, train etc.

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