Hi, I’m Alex ? – I’m a year 10 student at Kelvin Hall School.

I recently joined the Pace team for a week of work experience, and this is how I got on.

What did you think of being in the Pace office?

 On my first day at Pace, I was nervous because it was my first time in an office! However, it was easy to relax because of the chilled atmosphere, and I soon settled in.

Everyone was constantly asking how I was, and checking if I wanted a drink – which made me feel really welcome.

Everyone’s always up for a chat, but they’re all extremely productive and were happy to help me out with my work.

What did you get up to while you were here?

alex work experience final tshirt design

Throughout the week, I spoke to a few people from the different teams, which gave me an insight into how each different part of the office helps the others in some way.

I learnt a lot. For example, how the use of a press release can help a company grow its audience, as well as how Pace likes to make a difference to environmentally friendly companies – such as Bio-D.

I also saw how the accounts team build relationships with their clients, and how this helps inform the work done by the rest of Pace.

On my first day, Guy (a senior designer in the Creative Team) tested my photoshop skills with challenges such as cropping and recolouring imagery. After that, I started working on branding for my two esports teams: The Greek Grizzly’s and Team Septic.

I created logos, t-shirts, match posters, as well as a YouTube persona to back the brands.

alex work experience tshirt designs

What did you enjoy the most?

The thing I enjoyed most about this week was the way I could spend my day being creative, do something I’m passionate about, and never feel rushed.

I also enjoyed talking to people about how they got to the point in their career that they’re at now.

This week has reassured my aspirations to become a graphic designer; I like being creative and being surrounded by other creative people. I got a great insight into the career path of graphic designers.

I enjoyed spending time with the Pace team because of their positive attitude to work, and how they were always putting me at ease and offering a helping hand.

alex work experience billboard
alex work experience youtube presentation

If you think you’d like to join the Pace team for a couple of weeks (or permanently), introduce yourself over email! You’ll find us on hello@pacecomms.co.uk or here.

Or, you can keep up with the team on Twitter or Instagram.

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