My name is Joe. I study journalism at the University of Sheffield, and have recently completed my second year. Outside of University, I love going to watch live music as much as possible, and I enjoy watching sport – especially cricket and football, which I play as a goalkeeper.

The main reason why I picked Pace was that I wanted to experience what it’s like working in communications to understand how it all works and to see if it’s a path I want to follow when I graduate from University next year.

I’ve found the location Pace is situated in to be a really positive environment to work in every day. The whole area feels like a creative hub, and a great place to wander around especially in summer.

The team have been very accommodating to me. They’ve always taken time to explain tasks thoroughly and I’ve really enjoyed my time here, getting a real insight into how the company works and learning what everyone’s role involves.

As a journalism student, I don’t have an extensive knowledge of marketing but I have found it fascinating researching marketplaces, looking in detail at how brands market themselves, sitting in on meetings to see how Pace deals with its clients and what techniques it uses to achieve business goals.

I’ve relished the responsibilities I’ve been handed during my fortnight here, whether this be writing content for press releases, blogs and newsletters or carrying out research tasks to help members of the team with upcoming projects.

The highlight of my time here has to be gaining positive press in the Hull Daily Mail for one of Pace’s clients. The article was based on a press release I created and it was great to see coverage of the news make it to print and online.

I definitely feel that I’ve come out of this placement with knowledge, experience and skills that will be beneficial to me in future endeavours.

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