Hi, I’m Lucy, a final year Business Management student from Northumbria University.

I got in touch with Pace because I wanted to understand more about different teams and their roles at an agency.

After being part of an in-house marketing team for a year, I was keen to see how an agency differed to what I’ve already experienced.

Pace caught my interest because of its quick expansion over the past four years, and what came across as an energetic office environment! Here’s how I got on during my week with the team.


I stepped into the office and was greeted by Tilly, the cutest office dog. Hollie gave me a tour of Pace HQ and I met the whole team – everyone was very welcoming. I got stuck straight into a briefing with Hannah, and from there I went off to research ideas and get creative for a client blog! After familiarising myself with the company and researching trends, I discussed my final idea with Hannah and the writing commenced.


The first brief of the day was from Hannah again, and it involved a brainstorming session to explore new ideas for social media posts for a client. I spent the morning looking at past campaigns and working on a little competitor analysis. Halfway through the morning, I joined a meeting to discuss ideas for a different client and gained an insight into the innovative campaigns the team come up with. After this, I attended the brainstorming session to discuss my new ideas for the social posts.


Today was the day for my Instagram stories takeover! I wanted to show Pace’s followers what I’ve been getting up to day to day. After I got my first post out of the way, Amy provided a brief on a client project, and from here I conducted research into the potential launch event for the client and came up with some ideas for sponsorship.

After lunch, Liv went through the content planning strategy for Pace and the guidelines she follows. This was a great insight into the planning process that goes into Pace’s social media clients. For the rest of the day, I created a content plan for February, incorporating ideas for social posts and blogs. The day ended with a quick visit from Tilly and a lovely sunset watched through the office windows.


After a discussion with Lauren involving a new client, I spent the morning researching the company and current trends in the market. I loved working with lots of different clients and understanding the different processes behind each one.

The afternoon consisted of researching for the PR team, after looking into several publications and magazines that suit the brand. This experience gave me a good insight into the different strategies involved to fit the needs of the business.


Sadly, it’s my last day at Pace.

I started this morning by reviewing my week and writing about what I’ve been up to. I had a chat with Beckie to learn the key responsibilities and tasks of an Account Manager, which was insightful. I spent some out-of-work time with the team with lunch at Trinity Market, which was a lovely end to the week. It has been a great experience, and everyone has been so welcoming. Thank you for having me!

Lucy x