Hi, I’m Robyn!

I’m an Internal Communications Executive and University of Hull student with a love of projects, people, and my pets?

I joined Pace for the week, hoping to improve my knowledge of creating communication and marketing strategies for clients, and to gain an understanding about how an agency differs from working in-house.

I’m currently working full time, but I’m also enrolled on the Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship (CMDA) at the University of Hull. This means that I get to complete studies and assignments alongside my day-to-day role, as well as the option to explore different business functions/ways of working as part of an “off the job study” element of the CMDA – this is where my placement at Pace came in.

What made you choose work experience at Pace?

What attracted me to Pace was the growth that the business has seen in the last four years. They struck me as being ‘ahead of the game’ in the agency world, always championing people at a range of stages in their career. I also wanted to explore how the ways of working varied between in-house and agency and [spoiler alert] it’s quite a lot!

Plus, they have an office dog ?


Everyone at Pace is great at making you feel welcome, even before you step foot in the door. I’d visited the office a couple of months before to explore the possibility of a placement and it was great to be back. Before I started, I briefly chatted on the phone with Hollie, Business Manager, and Lynsey, Client Services Director, and that set me up for my first day well. I was greeted by office pooch, Tilly, (doesn’t get a much better start than that!) and Hollie then introduced me to the different teams.

One of my first tasks was to get to know the client management process. So, Hollie set me off by starting at the beginning of the process; doing some client research on both an existing and a potential new client.


It’s only October, and the weather is pretty miserable, but the team at Pace weren’t letting that stop them from talking all things festive in preparation for a client pitch. I joined the team in their creative session and was able to present some ideas of my own based on the research I’d completed.

Following this, I had a catch up with Tom, Alana, and Beth from the Digital Team. They talked me through how they keep client websites up to date and in front of the right audiences using a mixture of PPC and SEO.


On day three I delved into the world of PR with Natalie, Hannah, and Liv. They demonstrated how they use software to source information, and pull reports for clients, based on the reach of their PR (I love a good reporting dashboard!)

After this, I got stuck into writing a blog entry for an interior design company. This involved researching the topic of the blog, finding some key case studies to reference, and getting creative. Not only did I get some great inspiration for my own office, but it was also fun to explore a different industry; one that I wouldn’t normally write about.

I also sat with Hollie and took some time to review my CV. I found it useful to get a second opinion on it and reflect on where I could improve.


Today, I was let loose with the Pace Instagram account! I took over Pace’s stories to tell the followers all about my day, which involved tea, research, planning, tea, and Tilly ?


I spent my last day in the Pace office finalising my research, tidying up my CV, and polishing off this blog post.

My week at Pace has reminded me how valuable work experience can be. Through the CMDA and an understanding employer, I’ve had the opportunity to get to know a new industry, a new business model, and new ways of working. I’d encourage other apprentices to maximise every opportunity that you get through the programme and make the off-the-job training count. For someone not on an apprenticeship, work experience will still give you the same opportunities to learn, explore, and get stuck into a business – especially if it’s at Pace!

Everyone here has been very supportive and shown an interest in me, my studies, and my work. I’ve loved being able to contribute whilst I’ve been here and would like to thank Pace for giving me this great opportunity.

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