We’ve made another new addition to our growing team!

Tilly, a cross between a Shih Tzu and Bichon Frise, is the latest new recruit to join the Pace office.

It’s the first paw on the career ladder for Tilly, who is just a few months old.

She has an excellent pedigree and has already shown herself to be an extremely loyal employee who works with dogged determination across all our departments.

She could be sniffing out a story for our PR manager one day or helping our designers unleash their creativity the next.

And although she is the most junior member of the team, Tilly is not afraid to bark out orders.

She also enjoys fetching and carrying, however, she has been known to take a snooze during working hours.

As well as holding down a canine career, Tilly is also a much-loved family pet for our MD Anita.

Tilly is well-cared for in the office with no shortage of volunteers to play with her, take her for walks and offer her the occasional treat.

Warmly welcomed by everyone at Pace as well as our clients, having Tilly around the office is a lot of fun but there are serious benefits to having a dog in the work environment too.

Office dogs have been shown to reduces stress, improve job satisfaction and increase productivity.

Ultimately, our purpose at Pace is to make a positive difference and there’s no doubt that Tilly joining the team helps us do that.

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