If you’re a loyal Pace follower (we like you), you may remember this blog written a few months ago, where we made a business-wide pledge to reduce our environmental impact.

We’ve made a few more changes since then, and we’re doing more than ever to cut down our waste, shrink our carbon footprint, and make sure what we do is all-round kinder to the planet!

What we’re still doing

Conscious printing

We’ve kept our printing to a minimum, and stuck to our recommended printing allowance. As usual, we’ve been invoicing our clients via email, rather than using paper, and receiving all bills by email, too.

Green cleaning

We keep the office (and our hands) clean using 100% hypoallergenic, vegan, and environmentally friendly products from our client, Bio-D. Our favourite is the Lime & Aloe Vera Sanitising Handwash ?

Minimal electricity consumption

As an agency, a lot of what we do happens online, so we need to keep our electricity use to a minimum where we can.

Our lights have always been motion-activated (meaning we never forget to switch them off when we go home), but we now also use LED bulbs. They’re a massive 80% more efficient than traditional lighting!


Our two recycling bins are still filling up much quicker than our non-recycling, mostly with empty lunch containers, office waste materials (briefs that we’ve completed), and bottles from our Friday drinks ?

We’re all pretty familiar with our local recycling guidelines, but we use this guide to help us when we get stuck!

New changes we’ve made

Veggie Wednesdays

Every Wednesday, we avoid meat! Choosing plant-based meals is one of the most effective ways individuals can reduce their impact on the planet, which is why we do it every week.

Anyone who forgets to bring in a meat-free lunch (it happens) has to donate £2 to our charity of the year, MNDA. It’s a great incentive for us to take part in Veggie Wednesdays, and means we raise money for a great cause, too!


There’s nothing we love more in the Pace office than a good coffee (except maybe good snacks). One of our favourite places to go to is Caffeinated, a coffee specialist in our nearby market. However, with 20 of us on the team, those disposable coffee cups can soon add up.

We’ve invested in an office coffee machine, with 100% recyclable coffee capsules. It means we can get our caffeine fix without having to worry about our impact on the planet. We still visit Caffeinated now and then, as supporting local businesses is a great way to practise sustainability, but we take our re-usable coffee cups with us. Plus, they make some pretty tasty treats ☕?


As we’ve grown, we’ve acquired a few not-so-local clients, ones where we need to travel fairly far to meet them. When we do visit these clients, we minimise travel by car-sharing and using public transport when we can.

Our clients

We’ve already mentioned our client Bio-D, a brand that creates environmentally responsible, vegan, hypoallergenic cleaning products. However, we work with a few other brands that are passionate about environmental issues. This includes MacRebur, who turn waste plastic destined for landfill into roads!


We’re always on the lookout for clients with values that align to ours, so if you’re part of a brand that cares about the planet, click here to get in touch with us and we’ll help you spread your message.

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