Liv Griffiths – Content Executive

Eight months into the year and our Digital team still haven’t taken their fingers off the pulse of the digital news world. From Amazon’s bizarre social media strategy to Google’s new responsive search ads, here are some of the hottest industry updates in August.

Amazon’s bizarre social media strategy 

It seems a band of Amazon-employed brothers are patrolling Twitter, defending the company against any backlash they receive on social media (and there’s a lot of it). There are 12 of these vigilantes altogether, and their accounts are used to respond to negative comments about Amazon’s warehouse working conditions, compensation and employee benefits.

While the motive of the tweeters remains unclear, Amazon spokesperson, Ty Rogers, insists the program is entirely legit. The problem here, however, lies in the fact that not many people are actually convinced, and because of that, you could say their PR efforts have failed. Still, it seems that hasn’t stopped Amazon becoming the 2nd company in history to be valued at $1 trillion.

The growth of #Ad

In the first six months of this year, those #ad and #sponsored posts in your Instagram feed increased by 44% – when compared to the same time frame in 2017.

Influencer marketing company, Buzzoole, published the findings, including some very aesthetically pleasing graphs like the one below.

They found that the fashion, beauty, and food & drinks industries accounted for almost 60% of these posts which, combined, achieved almost a billion interactions around the world.

The huge increase in the use of the tag means two things; one – the influencer market is booming, and brands are way into it, and two – changes to legislation have led to improved transparency regarding paid posts.


May the strongest ads win

Google’s new responsive search ads are still in beta, but that doesn’t mean they’re not already receiving online criticism, and one of the most talked-about issues so far seems to be the lack of reporting available.

In response to all the noise, last month, Google announced updates that’ll help advertisers manage things more effectively, one of which is the ad strength indicator.

Based on your headline and description length and originality, each ad will be given its own strength score, as well as tips on improving.

The helpful tool will become available this month for responsive search ads, and for responsive display ads in the next few months.

pace picks google ad strength

Now you’re all up to speed on another digital-filled month, stay tuned for the next update – who knows what will happen?

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