Becci Flitton – Senior Account Manager 

There’s not been an industry that hasn’t been affected by the unpredictable events in the first half of 2020 (side note: can you believe we’re over halfway through the year?) and the advertising industry is another sector on the list.

Advertising is typically booked based on the number of eyes or ears that will see/hear the ad in question. Newspapers base it on circulation, radio by the listener numbers and billboards by a standardised ‘number of eyeballs’ method. Naturally as lockdown started, data from Kinetic Journeys, published by WARC, revealed that outdoor advertising impacts at rail and underground stations was down by 93 per cent and 92 per cent respectively.

So, when people weren’t walking past the billboards on the high street or switching on the radio during their morning commute, brands started to pull their money from these channels.

Some brands already had fixed bookings in place – such as Emily’s Crisps, which decided to make the most of the situation and turned its potentially struggling campaign into a PR piece. Others, such as the spoof Netflix campaign, used theirs to push people into sticking to the guidelines for fear of otherwise finding out spoilers to their favourite shows.

But as the world starts to re-open its doors, what’s the best way to make sure your brand remains front and centre?

Consider how your audience might have changed

Depending on what your business does, you’ll need to assess whether your audience is back to pre-covid levels or if you can foresee a time when it might be.

Data suggests people are also staying more localised during the initial release, so you might need to consider how you can drive this through with your creative and messaging.

The right timing, with the right messaging 

Though we are starting to cautiously return to some form of ‘normality’, you need to consider there are still many sensitivities at the moment.

For example, showcasing imagery of group gatherings or messaging that’s too commercially focused when people may be anxious about social distancing or may be at risk of losing their job, won’t bode well at this time.

We’re past the phase of saying “we’re in this together”, now is the time to show it! Could your brand offer a loyalty campaign, or offer a ‘welcome back’ incentive?

Consider utilising Digital Out-of-Home

Digital Out-of-Home offers a level of flexibility that can’t be matched by traditional print advertising as the format allows for mid-campaign optimisation should a local situation change for example.

Digital is also commonly found in what are likely to continue to be the busier spots – town centre thoroughfares, supermarket entrances, shopping centres.

Consider using messaging that is personalised to each location and audience motive to really boost effectiveness.

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