Tell us a bit about yourself

Hi, I’m Rob, and I just spent a week with the Pace team to get some work experience. Always drawing and sketching for as long as I can remember, I wanted to use my creativity and actually be paid to do this as a job. However, the opportunity never arose, as life happens and takes alternate twists. A little older than Pace’s usual work experiences, it was a bit daunting to work in a younger studio environment, especially when asked to write this blog. This was quickly alleviated as the team were very welcoming, making it easy to settle in.

What made you choose Pace?

Pace is just over the road from where I work, and after looking on the site, it was an ideal choice. A fun friendly group, with a family atmosphere, and Tilly the little dog.

As someone who works mostly from home, and on my tablet in my spare time, I found it invaluable to get the experience of how a studio works and what is expected from a designer, the processes, client briefs and tools that make life easier.

And what have you got up to?

I spent the week with Steve, the Creative Director, and then had time with each section of the team, being introduced to their roles and background. It was great spending time with creative people who gave their time, experience and tips freely. I have been getting to grips with Adobe software and the quirks of working with a Mac-based structure.

I started with tutorials to get back up to speed with page mock-up and photo retouching, as well as creating my online site and social footprint. I have gained a lot of ideas and tools that will help me to enter the industry and achieve my dreams.

It was over far too soon and I will miss being there but if they ever have any openings for a designer, I will jump at the chance to continue full time.

Thank you for a great week, everyone, it was an amazing glimpse into my dream job.


If you think you’d like to join the Pace team for a couple of weeks (or permanently), introduce yourself over email! You’ll find us on or here.

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