Beckie Rackham – Account Executive

Spotify has been advertising with big brands since day one, but it wasn’t until recently that it launched its own self-serve ad platform, opening up opportunities for smaller brands to get in on the action.

The platform works in a similar way to most social media advertising; you can upload your own creative and define your audience by a range of demographics. Spotify has over 180 million active monthly users worldwide, so advertising with the music streaming giant definitely has its appeal, and you can get started with a minimum budget of £250 per advert.

After getting to know the platform over the last few months, here are a few things I’ve learned.

The good stuff

  • You have more control over who is served your adverts than with radio advertising. You can narrow your audience by location, gender, age and what device they’re listening from, which means you’re more likely to reach the people that will be interested in what you’re selling, whether that’s WiFi or winter jackets.
  • You can target specifically on listening behaviour; that means genre or playlist specific. Do you only want to reach people listening to Punk music? No problem! Hoping to catch the listeners of ‘Cooking’ playlists? – you got it! With this as a feature, you can make your creative even more tailored to your audience and what you think they’ll like to hear.
  • For those who don’t have the means of creating their own audio, Spotify offers a totally free production service. You can customise the voiceover artist, background music and script, and Spotify will create your fully-optimised advert, for free.
  • It’s another channel to consider in your marketing mix, especially when you’re looking to target everyone’s favourite audience – millennials. Without a premium account, Spotify adverts can’t be skipped, so you’ll get maximum exposure. Spotify ads also allow users to interact with them too (such as click through to your website) – which is something completely new for audio.

The less good stuff

  • The location targeting isn’t as specific as it could be. Currently, you can only narrow down as far as cities, though for the majority of campaigns this won’t be a problem.
  • While the reporting features are useful, they could be made more extensive, maybe taking some inspiration from Facebook’s engagement analytics. So far, you only have access to impressions, reach, click-through-rate and advert delivery frequency, though audio advertising analytics are always likely to be limited.

Spotify advertising is currently in beta testing in the UK, which means advertisers will have to join a waiting list before being given access. Lucky for us we made the cut early on, so if you’re looking for a way to tell your story in a new and dynamic way, we can help. Contact for more info and ideas on how to use the platform for your brand.