Whether we like it or not, our office desks are our second homes, and they can reveal a lot about our personality. There are plenty of studies that look at how the way you keep your workspace can affect how you work, ranging from the idea that messy, disorderly environments can foster creativity, to the opposite idea that having too much going on can disrupt focus.

Whether or not we’re deliberately making statements about ourselves through our personal presentation, our desks are effectively a crystallisation of our behaviour over a long period of time. Here’s what you can learn about the Pace gang from a little saunter around the office.

SteJay's desk at Pace Communications

SteJay – Animation and Video Specialist

It’s probably weeping due to the fact it can’t breathe.

On one side we have a large miscellaneous pile of stuff. I think there’s a GoPro at the bottom of it. I can definitely see a fork poking out. My headphones are on the top as they get the most use. On the other side we have a small NERF arsenal. 2 years’ worth of Amazon price drops that gather less dust than I expected. In the centre I have a gaming keyboard and mouse (for #MLG720noscope designing) and a 34” monitor, because why not. My desk had no boundaries though. There are multiple LEGO, Nintendo, Star Wars and Batman figures littering the area around me. I’m pretty sure everyone has a panic attack when they come over to my desk but for me I find serenity within the chaos.

I’m a child at heart and I like having so many distractions around me. It helps me think and means I can break up my day if I’m working on a large meaty project. Also, shooting stuff is ace.

Shirin's desk at Pace Communications

Shirin – Marketing Director

My desk is the prize opposite of my life at home. At home, you’ll find a super-tidy, Monika-Geller-clean home with everything in its place. At work, I tend to work in an “organized-mess” style. But beneath the piles of paperwork and to-do lists (and lunch somewhere in between), you’ll find a couple of telling items.

1) My Insights blocks. I’m a stickler for people and team development. Insights is a fun and easy way to engage different personality styles and ways of working. We have a few team jokes about “the cool blues” (wanting every single bloody detail) and “the fiery reds” (just give me the headlines), but in all seriousness, they’re an important tool for communication and self-awareness.
2) LOTS of pictures of Fletcher. Yes, I am one of those mums I said I would never be, inflicting daily pictures and captions about my wonderful, genius child daily on others. Get over it, he’s the best.
3) A picture of the Spartacus cast. A present from an old colleague and long-time friend who was as a big a fan as me of the show. She gave it to me the day the show ended as a survival tool. If you haven’t seen it, I’d highly recommend a download of the series but be open minded, it’s gory and full of lots of frontal nudity. I can’t see why anyone wouldn’t like it.

Tom's desk at Pace Communications

Tom – Content Executive

The majority of my desk is normally covered in tiny post-it notes covered with my tiny handwriting, giving me tiny reminders for my tiny mind. Somewhere in between them however are a few items that are a bit more revealing.

The first is an illustration of a bottle of Brewdog, which our designer Sam hand-drew/brewed for me as a birthday gift. I’m a big fan of Brewdog, both as a drink, as a brand and as a bar. Next to the illustration is a purple pen holder in the shape of a wheelie bin, with the message ‘I’ve wheelie bin to Liverpool’ written on the front. Yes, puns are great, but this is more of a nostalgic item for me after I spent 3 years in Liverpool at University. I love Liverpool and its vibrancy, and I’m starting to see some similarities in Hull, particularly working in the Fruit Market with all its independent restaurants, music venues, bars and vintage clothing shops. Up the Hull.

Georgia's desk at Pace Communications

Georgia – Designer

I consider myself a tidy person, however my desk has become a dumping ground for all things print; with books, paper samples, colour swatches and sticky notes taking hold, my desk has become more cluttered than I’d like. I love minimalism but I doubt my desk reflects this, I like to think that a controlled amount of clutter is more inviting than a sparse space, I wouldn’t want people to think I have no personality! My ‘go to’ items on my desk would have to be my Pantone formula guide, my ‘to do’ list and my little ISTD Awards book, which is great when I need a little typography inspo.

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