Tom Holgate – Digital Executive

In the aftermath of the yearly shopping extravaganza that is Black Friday, we thought we’d take a look at some of the most searched for items this year- so hold tight for some Christmas spoilers.

Ah, Black Friday. The time of the year when hordes of consumers join the stampedes to get those sweet deals – or is it? This year’s Black Friday event saw 56% of shoppers buying online only, and another 23% going online to research their products before buying in-store.

The term ‘Black Friday’ had its highest search frequency in the UK on record, and you could see it as a good thing that the majority are heading online. In the US, the past ten in-store Black Friday sales have seen a total of 12 deaths and 117 injuries. Not very festive.

Apart from the obvious email-marketing-fest, which I’m sure you will all be aware of from the state of your inbox, Black Friday shifting online has driven some interesting trends in the world of digital marketing.

Google Ads introduced special Black Friday and Cyber Monday ad extensions, giving us digital marketers the opportunity to improve our click-through-rates by adding a small snippet to the bottom of ads which, in turn, highlighted the sale period’s best deals and discounts. Well done Google.

So, we know that more people are shopping online to find the best Black Friday deals – but what products are people searching for the most? That’s right, it’s time to ruin your Christmas surprises!

Products with the largest search increase during Black Friday:

  • Apple AirPods – 400% increase
  • Sonos – 110% increase
  • Nintendo Switch – 90% increase

Interestingly, you’ll see that Apple’s AirPods came out on top – and by quite a significant margin. These wireless headphones are in high demand, and people have clearly been strategically waiting for Black Friday price drop before biting the bullet and buying. We can safely say that Santa will be leaving a fair few AirPods under the tree this year…you lucky devils.

In second place we have Sonos, a wireless home sound system that you control from your phone, and a great gift that the whole family can enjoy. Could you be one of those newly rocking around the Christmas tree this year?

Third on the list is the Nintendo Switch, which seems to be the console of choice this Christmas. Not only did it come in the top three, but it was also the only gaming device on the list of Black Friday top sellers. If you asked for a console this year, expect to be Switch-ing it up.

And there we have it, folks – the three most likely presents to be under your tree this Christmas. What a lucky lot you are. Merry Christmas!

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