Hey, I’m Amber ?

I’m big on music and hanging out with my friends and family. I’ve just finished my GCSEs at South Hunsley, and I’ll soon be heading to Bishop Burton College to study Business. This week, though, I’m a temporary Pace team member because I’m in the office for work experience!

I decided to apply for work experience when I saw on social media how great Pace is! It’s a company with such a positive vibe. Looking at Pace’s Instagram profile, the office seemed like a very happy environment; different from any other workplace I’ve seen.

Here’s how my week as part of the team went down…


When I walked in this morning, I was extremely excited! I’d already spoken to Business Manager Hollie and Managing Director Anita on the phone, and they made a huge effort to make me feel welcome.

We started things off with the weekly huddle today; a team meeting to talk about upcoming events/projects, such as Humber Street Sesh. Anita introduced me to everyone and talked me through the different teams in the office.

I then met with Hollie, who showed me around and gave me some work to get started on. She had set a timetable up for me for the rest of the week. It was a really welcoming and I felt as if I fitted right in.

Hollie set me a secret project to work on, which was really exciting! I began researching the project, and then sat in on a few meetings; the morning flew by! When researching the secret project, I used different websites to find out information, which helped me create a storyboard. I really liked being involved in the meetings and listening to what was planned. Overall, my first day was very successful and fun!



There’s a positive, bright atmosphere this morning at Pace!

I started the day by finishing off my work from yesterday, and then spoke to Hannah, Pace’s PR Executive, who showed me how to write a press release. She went through the checklist of everything that must be included.

Anita then invited me to join in on a meeting with a client and the PR team. It was very interesting and opened my mind to all the work that goes into Pace’s projects. After that, I carried on with some Bio-D research that will be used for a press release!

This afternoon, Hollie has been going through my CV and showing me how to improve it. We looked at the key points that would help attract a potential future employer.




At the end of the day yesterday, Content Executive Liv briefed me on a task. She asked me to research some of the bands playing at Humber Street Sesh and to look at their presence on social media. I chose three bands from each stage.

I also spent some time with Lauren, the Senior Account Executive, who gave me some work on Pace’s internal marketing. Through this project, I got some great insight into Lauren’s role; in fact, it might be my favourite!

I’m now finishing off the day by writing my blog entry.



Boo, only two days left at Pace!

This morning, Hollie reviewed the work I’ve been doing on my CV and gave me some helpful feedback. I think it’s pretty much ready to send out to potential employers now!

We then had a lovely lunchtime celebration for Sam’s maternity leave. I loved getting involved in the team bonding at Pace, especially for an exciting occasion!

I’m now reading through my blog and thinking about what I could make better before it goes on the website. I’m also finalising all the work I’ve done this week, ready for my last day tomorrow.



It’s my last day at Pace! I’ve had a great week; it’s gone so quickly!

Today I have finished up all the work I’ve been doing to go towards a press release. It’s been a day of tying up loose ends, but I’ve had such a lovely day again!

I just want to say a massive thank you to Pace for an amazing week and I hope you guys would have me back! I think Anita is a very good MD, and the rest of the team are so hard-working and always positive. Every single one of the team made me feel like I fitted in, which was so lovely. I honestly have had an amazing week!

Amber x

If you’d like to join the Pace team for a week (or longer!), click here to visit our careers page.

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