Hi, I’m Sophie – a fifteen-year-old student who’s been in the Pace office for the past two weeks on work experience. I’m currently studying many subjects for my GCSEs, but the majority of my interest is focused around art – so of course, visiting the creative team at Pace was a perfect opportunity for me.

During my time here, I’ve developed a wide range of skills under the creative team’s mentoring. I have been set briefs similar to those received in the industry, and I’ve learnt how to use Illustrator – a platform frequently used by designers. The final products of my briefs can now be used in a short portfolio of graphic design work, which is something I would never have completed on my fine art course at school.

In addition to completing my own work, I’ve also spent time observing the working lives of the team at Pace. I have shadowed work, sat in meetings and even travelled to meet a client. Witnessing how the team works has entirely changed my perception of creative work and really opened my eyes to career paths I never previously considered. I now have a much better understanding of how clients and agencies interact, and when faced with a task, I feel I can now approach it with an increased level of maturity and imagination.

The highlight for me though, was simply being in such a great environment. On my first day, Sam, one of Pace’s designers, gave me a run-down on what to expect from my time here. The setup of the company was clear from the beginning; everything is structured and efficient, yet simultaneously fun and laid-back. Being surrounded by so much productivity and achievement has really improved my level of drive and enthusiasm. I never thought that an office could be so inspiring!

From this point on, I aim to apply the skills I’ve developed here to my work at school and then eventually use them to gain the upper-hand on college applications. I would also like to further research career paths in design and marketing – this is something I never believed I could do a fortnight ago.

Thanks for the past two weeks Pace – it’s been great!