Hello, I’m Liv! I’m an English and Creative Writing graduate. I’ve been helping out at Pace for the past two weeks, and learning a lot too.

I like going to the gym, eating pancakes and buying trainers – not necessarily in that order.

What have I been up to?

In the short time I’ve spent at Pace so far, I’ve been learning all about agency life – with lots of help from the lovely team.

Content Executive Tom has been showing me what goes on behind the scenes of a website and giving me lots of useful tips on copy and content writing.

PR Manager Natalie has taught me all about advertorials, as well as letting me have a go at writing a press release.

The account management team have also been giving me a large variety of work to get stuck into, with some interesting research in the process.

How is it compared to uni?

Writing at Pace is really different to the stuff I did at university, but that doesn’t mean I’ve not been able to apply some of the skills I learned.

I had to write for loads of varying briefs at uni, adapting my style of writing to the needs of the task, which is exactly what I’ve been doing here! Every client is different, so the content we write isn’t one-size-fits-all.

Writing to deadlines is also really important, as campaigns have to be sent back and forth between Pace and clients for approval.

I’ve enjoyed taking the skills I learned in my degree and having a chance to use them in a hands-on environment.

What I’ve learned

I’ve learned so many new things in my short time here, and it’s been fun too.

Prior to being at Pace, I’d never built an email before, so seeing that happen has been really interesting.

I’ve also learned about tone of voice, and how different clients have specific ways of how they’d like their content to sound when read aloud.

When writing academic essays, you might try and cram in as many intelligent-sounding words as you can, but that doesn’t always work for content in the real world.

What lies ahead?

I’ve been writing a few meta descriptions, the 320-character summaries of the content on a webpage that you might find on a Google search, and I’d definitely like a bit more practice on those.

I’m also looking forward to improving my copywriting skills and finding out a bit more about the needs of all the different clients working with Pace. As you learn more about a client, creating great content for them becomes easier.

I’ll be sticking with Pace for a little longer, so look out for more content from me on the blog!

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